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Welcome to ValHalla Cattle Company and see the commitment and vision we have for our cattle program. The ValHalla Cattle Company was derived from the word Valhalla which is an Old Norse word representing a warriors heaven, but in today's terms it is used figuratively as referring to a place of honor or bliss, a hall of fame. ValHalla Cattle Company is dedicated to creating and maintaining the best Simmental, Red Angus, Angus and composites possible. ValHalla Cattle Company is a little piece of cattle heaven so come share in the experience.

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Building blocks to the Sol Dorado Ranch Program

Sol Dorado Ranch's goal is to develop genetics that are time-tested and effective in all sectors of the cattle industry. Our donors and sires represent the epitome of look and structural integrity while maintaining useful data sets for both the purebred and commercial cattlemen. With this strong foundation in place, Sol Dorado Ranch is striving to create the best Red Angus, Simmental, Angus and composites of these breeds available anywhere.

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